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That remains true but Bowles-Langley Technology, Inc. has now merged with Predictive Safety, LLC. Together we can offer our customers significant new resources and support. Please check the contacts page for inquiries and support.

Recent News


Near Miss with Tired Pilots

Airline pilots flying while fatigued poses risk to safety 27 June 2007 A BBC News investigation has revealed growing concerns among airline pilots that fatigue is leading to potentially dangerous incidents in the air. The BBC has heard from 32 pilots who say they have flown while unfit due to fatigue. The BBC can reveal […]


FAA on Prescriptive Regulation

In testimony on 6 June 2007, before the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Aviation, FAA Deputy Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety Peggy Gilligan responded to concerns voiced the day before by Mark Rosenker, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, about the FAA’s response to the Board’s urgent safety recommendations. Her excellent comments […]


Air traffic

I am going to Washington DC next week to speak to FAA officials and to NTSB officials. This article will be part of my package. WASHINGTON (CNN) — Fatigued air traffic controllers contributed to four aviation mishaps in recent years, and may have been a factor in last year’s Comair crash that killed 49 people, […]


Change the Rules

Quoted from the Columbian, Clark County, Washington: Columbian editorial staff Money can compete with safety when it comes to railroads, which is why it is encouraging that the government’s top railroad official is lobbying to change rules concerning workers’ schedules. The change could lead to reduction in the number of train accidents caused by crew […]


Pointing Fingers at Fatigue

The tragic finger pointing going on here cannot obscure the fact that fatigue more than any other factor caused this accident. Management has an obligation to speak up when crew error is involved and unions need to take responsibility for the action and mistakes of their members. At the same time, the unions are correct […]

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